Why Cleanse?

Just as this time provides a natural opportunity to clean our homes and yards of accumulated waste, it is a great time to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins.

Our cells are constantly creating waste through normal metabolic functions.  In addition, we are exposed to a vast array of toxins through food, air, body products, cleaning products, etc. which add a toxic burden to our bodies.  While our bodies have magnificent systems of detoxification, these systems can become easy overwhelmed with our busy and, often, unhealthy lifestyles.

When our organs of detoxification (such as the liver) become over-worked, toxins can build up and may even become deposited in tissues, leading to fatigue, and chronic illness.  This is where the importance of a healthy elimination system comes in and where a cleanse can help.

Top 5 Benefits of a gentle Spring Cleanse:

  1. Improved Digestion; a digestion system that isn’t moving well cannot effectively eliminate toxins
  2. Increased Energy; as toxins are removed from the body, physiological functions become more efficient.
  3. Prevention of chronic disease; regular drainage can prevent toxin deposit in tissues which may lead to chronic disease
  4. Weight loss; this is often a side effect of cleansing as less healthy foods are removed from the diet and nutrient intake is maximized
  5. Clearer skin; as toxins leave the body and cells become more hydrated, rejuvenated skin will glow


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