Tips for success with health goals

1. Keep it simple.  Choose a few things that will make a positive difference in your life and focus on those.  Stick to simple, easy-to-prepare meals.

2. Write it down.  People who write down their goals are far more likely to actually achieve them.  Whether your goal is to reduce sugar to a specific level, consume a certain volume of water, or include a certain amount of a healthy food, be specific and write it down.

3. Get excited!  Choose things you actually want and hopefully that will be enjoyable to do or achieve!  If you find you are resistant to what you are trying to do, ask yourself why?

4. Change your brain.  Did you know that you can actually change the way your brain works?  There are so many ways to do this, but here I’ll mention visualization and meditation, which can work together.  Visualization is a tried and true tool for achieving goals.  Meditation is a way to become more conscious of your mind’s activities and exercise control over them.

5. Plan ahead.  Planning  ensures a smooth experience.  In addition to setting goals, you need to figure out how you will achieve them.  If your goal is to get to consume 4 cups of leafy greens per day, include these on your grocery list and put them into your meal plan.  If you plan to follow a specific diet, be sure to have those foods on hand to prevent “slipping” when you need a snack or a meal in a hurry.

6. Get help.  As part of your plan to achieve your goals, you might need some help from others.  Support is a key factor in success.  Join us on Facebook for updates, encouragements and general tips.  Feel free to post your experiences, challenges and successes!

7. Don’t give up!  Practice truly does make perfect.  Nobody is ever good at something the first time they do it, so if you fall off the resolution wagon, climb back on and try again.  The more you practice your new behaviour or habit, the better you will become and the easier it will be to continue!

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