Services for Children

The following is a list of services that are suitable for children, pre-teens and teenagers.

These naturopathic services are tailor-made for children to help them achieve a high level of health and to make them resilient to disease and illness. Optimizing a child’s health can result in improved cognitive function, immunity and overall emotional well-being.

Many children experience growing pains, injuries from sports, even stress. Common stresses for children are; parents leaving, sibling demands, homework, nightmares, loss of a family member, fear of death and so on. Stress is often stored as tension in the body. If your child is suffering from physical discomfort or emotional stress book a therapeutic massage on their behalf. (Insurance receipts can be issued for dependants)

Bowen Therapy is a simple yet effective body-balancing system. Through gentle inputs to the body, Bowen Therapy stimulates energy flow and releases tension, strains and blockages, and supports the body to re-balance and heal. There is no manipulation or adjustment of hard tissue during a session—the treatment is very gentle, relaxing and safe for all ages.