Counselling & Psychotherapy

Practitioner Hours:

  • Thursday 3:00pm-8:00pm
  • Friday: 10:00am-5:00pm

Julie Barasevic offers therapies in Mindfulness-Based Therapies, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Strength-Based therapy, Grief Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR Trauma Therapy).

She works with a variety of clients who are currently going through challenging life experiences such as, stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem/self-compassion, work-life balance, interpersonal problems, loss, caregiver distress and general personal well-being.

EMDR is a supportive kind of trauma therapy where the brain reprocesses the trauma. EMDR desensitizes the client’s traumatic memory, so that the memory is no longer stuck or frozen, and it reprocesses the memory so the client can be at peace or neutral with it.

Hypnotherapy uses the subconscious mind to overcome life obstacles. Your subconscious mind drives you, holds feelings, fears, phobias and habits. Julie works alongside her clients to create their personal script. Julie works with children to the elderly. Paediatrics: anxiety, habit control, learning & sleep issues

Note: While under hypnosis, clients are aware of their surroundings and remember hypnosis sessions.

NLP are techniques that Julie uses alongside hypnotherapy sessions. It helps her clients to recondition their thoughts and behaviours; it liberates clients from inner conflicts.

Julie assists a mother to prepare for the birthing day! Mother’s experience a calmness during their delivery, and pain management assists mothers with more comforting births. Sessions include: relaxation, pain management, breathing, fears, time-distortion, self-confidence, visualization and positive affirmations.

*Please speak to Julie prior to scheduling a PLR.

Some people would like to know: who they were in previous lives, what time period did they live, what country, any familiar people in their lives; some people may release current phobias or possible body ailments connected to a past life. Each session brings healing and forgiveness to the life, which benefits the client’s current life.

*A PLR session is needed before a LBL session.

LBL is the exploration of a person’s soul/spirit self; who are you as a spirit? Many questions are answered: why am I here today/what is my life purpose? Who are my soul friends? The client can also ask a few specific questions and meet their spirit guide/spirit helper.